Do you need help with answering job interview questions?

Do you not know what to say at a job interview?

Do you have problems getting your answers out?

Do you go blank and get very nervous?

Do you talk too much or too little?

The good news is that only about 2% of candidates are selected for an interview, so you are already in a good position. Let me make that position even better for you.


I will teach you how to make a good impression and do well in your interview.

You will come away from your interview feeling confident and knowing that

you did your best.  


I have coached many candidates, all of whom have got a job.  You will need perseverance and

a willingness to succeed, but I can help you.


My fees. No hidden extras.  I can do Skype or telephone, both are very effective.

Fees are:

£13.50 -  FOR a 40 minute session over Skype or the phone.

Additional if required

£10 - extra for devising mock interview questions for you.


If you do not learn something new from my session, then I will give you an extra 20 free. However,

I am confident that you will come away happy, confident and well prepared for your next interview.